HTC Americas President Jason Mackenzie just tweeted the following.

And there you have it. Just a day after 4.3 was promised for the developer edition HTC One by Mr. Mackenzie, he's clarified that statement to include all US and Canadian Ones (and the Verizon DROID DNA) with a deadline before the end of September. That means US and Canadian Ones will be leapfrogging Android 4.2 entirely. Nice!

There's been significant speculation that Samsung will be skipping Android 4.2 for the Galaxy S III, as well, and no doubt the S4 is due for its 4.3 update soon enough. For HTC, this is undoubtedly good news - fans of the company were beginning to lose faith that the flagship One would remain on the cutting edge of Android while competing handsets marched on forward. It seems that, for now, HTC is committed to keeping the One up to date.