Is the HTC One "classic" just a little too big and ungainly? Then perhaps the HTC One Mini is up your alley. It just so happens AT&T is looking to sell one to you. We've known the HTC One Mini was headed for Ma Bell, but the carrier just made it official. It's half the price of the full-sized One at $99.99, which isn't a bad deal.


The HTC One Mini comes with Android 4.2 and runs a Snapdragon 400 ARM chip, 1GB of RAM, Ultrapixel camera, and a 4.3-inch 720p Super LCD2 screen. It has a familiar unibody aluminum casing, as well as the front-facing BoomSound speakers.

If the $99.99 price tag with contract isn't attractive to you, there's always AT&T Next. The One Mini costs $21 per month on that plan. Yeah, rock, hard place, and so on.