Here's one we haven't done before for the weekend poll - wireless charging. As Qi wireless charging slowly becomes more and more popular, more handsets and tablets are supporting the standard. The big barrier to entry for many, though, are the charging pads that such devices require in order to take advantage of the feature. They aren't usually cheap if you choose to go with official OEM accessories, and even 3rd party solutions don't exactly come in at bargain-bin prices, and the few that do yield less than consistent results.

If I had a phone and could find a decent, well-rated Qi charge pad for under $20, it'd be a no-brainer. But at $40+ on average, I'm not really compelled, especially when I could purchase a whole box full of 2A wall chargers and microUSB cables for that kind of money. The convenience of wireless charging is certainly a draw, though, and given the choice between picking up a cord and plugging it into my phone or simply placing my device on a pad, I'm obviously going for the latter. If cars supported it (how awesome would that be?) or you could buy a desk with a built-in "Qi zone," I could definitely see a lot more appeal for the tech.

Either way, we're curious: have you made the plunge and purchased a Qi wireless charger for your compatible phone / tablet, and do you actually use it? Vote in the poll below.

Do you own a Qi wireless charger?

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