The new Play Store is certainly snazzy, but a lot of the functionality of the older site has been missing ever since it got a fresh coat of digital paint. One of the most bemoaned omissions was contextual keyboard shortcuts, especially handy for touch typists whose fingers never leave the keys. (ThinkPad users, I'm looking at you.) Good news, everyone: as of late yesterday, they're back.

ps1 ps2

On any single app listing, press the left or right arrow keys to navigate between the posted screenshots. (You may need to click on one first.) Pressing Escape will return the screenshots to the gallery view, or you can just press the left arrow key until it minimizes. Embedded videos will not be included in the expanded view.

We're not really sure if this was included in previous versions of the Play Store website, but there's also a hotkey for the integrated search. Press "/" to highlight the search bar, begin typing, and use the down arrows to select a search prediction or press Enter to initiate one manually. Searches will include books, music, and videos.

The keyboard shortcuts should work in Chrome, Firefox, and later versions of Internet Explorer. Thanks for the features, Google. Now can we please get the 30-day download meter back?

Source: Google Play Store