You may have noticed the new version of the Play Store app (4.3.10) has a little tweak. It now lists apps that you've updated recently near the top of the list (right under pending updates). How recently? We asked a Googler who confirmed it's 7 days. Is that maybe a little long?

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For users with a lot of apps, that could mean a very long list to scroll through before getting to the alphabetical section of all installed apps. However, maybe that's useful for checking out the apps and games that have interesting changes. Likewise, for users who only have a few apps, an update might be a notable occasion. They could see this as a thoughtful addition to the Play Store. Then again, some developers update a lot – those apps might never leave the Recently Updated list.

My device currently has 6 apps waiting to update, then 22 apps that were recently updated. I have to scroll quite a way to just get to the regular app list. So, what say you? Make your voice heard below.

Is 7 days the right length of time for apps to show up in the "Recently Updated" section of the Play Store?

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