The built-in weather reports in Android are still a bit basic, Google Now notwithstanding. That's probably why the Yahoo! Weather app has more than five million downloads: a combination of solid weather stats, multiple cities, and a variety of widgets have won it plenty of fans. Today the app gets a significant update, adding a handful of new features and synergistically bringing Yahoo's Flickr property front and center.

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Curated Flickr photos were available in the app before, but now they're the main attraction, expanding to fill the screen in just about every part of the interface. Yahoo! Weather will pull relevant and contextual photos from Flickr's Project Weather based on your location, or the ones that you manually set for alternate cities or zip codes in the main app or homescreen and lockscreen widgets. The UI has been tweaked to make them more visible at every point, though the weather information itself is still quite readable. The popular and varied widgets get the same spit and polish, including the lockscreen widget, with temperature information in big friendly digits.

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The weather itself gets some nice updates, including extended 10-day forecasts, hourly predictions over the next day, wind and pressure, sunrise and sunset, and phases of the moon, for when you really need to know that it's waxing gibbous. Pull up from the weather view to access advanced information, or pull down for a manual refresh.

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The app also includes some less fun features, like links to all the Yahoo! apps in the sidebar menu, and I wish it had an option to display the notification bar in the main interface. But overall, it's an undeniably snazzy way to check the weather. The updated version will be published in the Play Store today, and should be distributed among all users over the next few days.

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