So, there's this extremely minor Google Music update floating around in the "rollout" ether that will take you from 5.1.1107K to 5.1.1109K. I poked around in it and found a few boring changes related to Chromecasting, but the "new feature" that some people will really notice is the removal of the SD card hack we told you about last month. 


That's right, update to 1109; lose a feature. They basically killed the little activities shortcut that allowed you to set the option, and removed the SD card preference from the settings storage. The core of the SD code hasn't been ripped out; they just did the bare minimum to disable it.

So, do you have an SD card? Have you been enjoying your extra song storage this past month? If so, then version 5.1.1109 is the devil - stay away. Hopefully this is just a temporary thing until they work out all the bugs (have there been any bugs?) with SD storage.

If you've been surprised by this, and want a version with SD support, you can still download 5.1.1107 5.1.1106 (and view the hack instructions) in our old article.

Thanks to Douglas Vantran for sending in the APK