If there are two words that can quickly get people excited, it's "free money." And we just so happened to have some to give away, thanks to Venmo. Haven't heard of Venmo? Here's the skinny: it's a quick, easy, and efficient way to instantly send money to friends. Kind of like Paypal, but without the Paypal-ness of it all – it's all just very simple and straightforward.

The fees are also extremely reasonable: transferring money from your Venmo balance is free, as are payments funded by U.S. bank accounts and most debit cards. Only credit card transfers are subject to the standard 3% convenience fee. And if you're worried about your data being safe and secure, don't be – Venmo only transfers data over a 256-bit SSL, which is certified by VeriSign; to add to the level of protection, you can also disable your device from your Venmo account (in case it's lost or stolen).

For the next week, the first 5000 users who sign up for Venmo with this link will score $7 in their account in celebration of the new Nexus 7. Unfortunately, this incentive isn't available for existing Venmo users. Sadface.

Since Venmo is a US-only service, this promotion is only available to US residents.


One thing you'll notice is a "share to get $7" Facebook button – regardless of how it looks, this is optional. Once you hit the button and the Facebook page loads up, you can share to spread the word about the deal or simply close the dialog - either way, the funds will still transfer into your newly-created Venmo account.

Otherwise, the sign-up process is as simple as simple can be: use the same phone number to sign up with that you entered into the above-linked form, and you're golden. The entire process takes about two minutes, and you'll be ready to send and receive funds, and your free $7 will show up instantly. Can't really argue with that.

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This incentive is good for one week (or until all 5000 vouchers have been used up), so make sure you grab yours before August 21st at 11:59PM PT.