Dell sells computers. They also sell other stuff. Usually we don't care - after all, Amazon sells even more other stuff, and most of the time it's cheaper. But every once in a while Dell comes up with a jaw-dropping deal. Like today: you can pick up a Sprint HTC One from the Dell Mobility Store for $50 on-contract for new customers. That's a cool $150 off the retail price. But wait, there's more... a lot more.


In addition to the reduced price of the phone itself, Dell will give you a voucher for $36 of Sprint credit, essentially erasing the activation fee. You also get a $50 gift card for the Dell online store, which is nice, the aforesaid lack of stuff notwithstanding. (It's cool, they've got a lot of things that aren't Dell computers, like TVs, game consoles, cameras, software - you can probably find something to spend it on.) Want even more? How about a pair of urBeats headphones, currently valued at $100 retail? Still not enough? Fine, take free FedEx shipping, and be glad of it.

The activation waiver is good from now until August the 16th, the Dell gift card comes with purchases from now until the 31st, and there's no date on the headphones. There is a bit of a catch, though: the urBeats will be sent out separately, a full 14 days after the phone is shipped. Bummer. Returning Sprint customers renewing a new two-year contract get the free Dell credit, free shipping, and free headphones, but the price of the phone is raised to $99.99 - still a pretty good deal. You can choose silver or black no matter your contractual status.

Assuming that you use everything in this bundle, you could view it as Dell giving you $120 worth of stuff to buy from them. Nice.

Source: Dell Mobility Store - thanks, Derek!