We've been waiting for Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded, the fancy remastered mobile version of the classic adventure game, for quite a while. And just one day after the game went live in the Play Store last month, it was pulled for technical issues and sent back to the drawing board to iron out some last-minute kinks. But you can't keep a good sleaze down: your favorite lovable letch is back, ready for returning gamers and new players.

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Developer Replay Games didn't add a changelog to the updated version of Leisure Suit Larry, and the game-breaking bugs from the original build were never really explained. But based on the first few reviews after the game went live for the second time, whatever plagued the launch seems to have been fixed. The game is free to download and players can access the first level without paying, but after that, it's a $10 $5 in-app purchase for the full version. Those who quickly bought the game before should still have the purchase linked to their Google accounts.

The Android game is a remastered version of Leisure Suit Larry In The Land Of The Lounge Lizards, the original 1987 DOS/Apple II game starring the titular Larry as a sleazy no-account boozer looking to score. (in a good way, I suppose.) The Android version gets much-improved HD graphics, full voice acting, and reworked animation to bring it up to snuff with the latest 2D adventure titles. Check out the playable "Angry Broads" arcade game in the video above.

Leisure Suit Larry certainly isn't for kids, but you probably won't get anything more than a disapproving glance if Aunt Hilda should catch you playing it at Thanksgiving. If you want more Android games from creator Al Lowe, it would behoove you to at least download the free portion of the game.