This weekend's poll is easy - now that the dust has settled, the reviews have been published, and the bugs reported, did you buy the refreshed Nexus 7? I'm going to do my very best to accommodate you all in terms of poll answer choices, too, I promise.

Me? I didn't. I thought about it. I was actually determined to impulse-buy one if I could convince a Staples, Office Max, Best Buy, or RadioShack to sell me a unit a few days before they were supposed to go on sale (there were also AP-related motivations there, of course). But after reading the reviews and playing with one at a local store, I just wasn't feeling it anymore. Since receiving the 4.3 update, my old Nexus 7 seems a bit less sluggish (I'm tempted to wipe it to see if it gets even quicker), though I still don't really use it much in the first place. The 7-inch form factor just feels a bit too small, and the whole Android tablet experience still really doesn't do much for me. A quicker processor, a better screen, and slimmer build don't really change those considerations.

But I fully realize I am very much in the minority among Android enthusiasts in this view. So, what about you?

Did you buy a new Nexus 7?

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