What do you do when you arrive in a new city and want to know what to do? I'm sure there are plenty of possible answers, but the correct one is to fire up Yelp. In the US, it's just hard to find a competing platform that offers the sheer depth and functionality that the service offers. Yelp displays discounts, allows user to make reservations, has Open Table integration, and - my personal favorite - gives quick access to addresses. The latest update to Yelp makes it even easier to discover what's going on locally with a redesigned Nearby page. Here's the before and after.

Yelp1 Yelp2

The new page highlights nearby events, as well as the usual places to eat and shop. All of the categories available in the prior version remain available after the update, they're just tucked away under "More Categories." The new setup provides quick information about each recommendation, and clicking them opens up a dedicated page with one-click access to Google Maps. Finding something spontaneous to do in a new location just got easier.

Yelp3 Yelp4

The Yelp app also now offers the ability to order takeout announced a month ago. Unfortunately, Artem hasn't had any luck trying to have food delivered from local establishments in San Francisco, even those that offer the service on the website. I live several hundred miles away from the supported restaurants in New York, and just a tad further away from California, so whether this feature works yet doesn't affect me, and I imagine it doesn't yet impact most of you either. The rest of the app is still more than worth a look.

Update: Looks like ordering for pickup or delivery is working as advertised now. Here's an example restaurant:

Screenshot_2013-08-09-16-13-38 Screenshot_2013-08-09-16-13-48