The NFL pre-season started this week. That doesn't have anything to do with the PGA, but I thought it might liven up this story about a golf app.

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PGA Championship is the official Android app for the eponymous sporting event. It's sponsored by Mercedes-Benz, and by "sponsored," I mean that there appears to be a photo of a car that I can't afford on a lot of the app screens. That sponsorship does come with some nice perks, namely live score updates and free video coverage of the championship, no cable subscription required. Of course, the "Countdown to Rochester" screen probably would have been more useful if the app hadn't been published late yesterday, August 8th, on the opening day of the tournament.

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The app is marked as incompatible with tablets for no discernable reason. Which is a real bummer, considering that it's at least somewhat possible that sports fans might want to watch their game on the biggest screen available to them. Of course you could try side-loading it onto the tablet of your choice - it's a free app, after all - but specifically leaving tablet users out in the rough is more than a bit annoying.


Early users are also reporting video errors and invalidated packages, even after a quick-and-dirty update to version 1.0.9. So the tradition of woefully bad "official" sports apps continues. Better luck next year, folks.

PGA Championship
PGA Championship
Developer: PGA of America
Price: Free