Last week we reported that the CyanogenMod team had added almost a dozen new phones and tablets to their list of officially-supported devices, including Barnes & Noble's increasingly affordable Nook HD and Nook HD+. At the time the B&N tablet builds weren't quite ready, but nightly ROM builds just showed up for both the 7-inch and 9-inch versions. Go forth, ROM addicts, and flash to your heart's content.


CyanogenMod still uses baffling codenames on the Get.CM download page, so if you're looking for the builds in the left-hand menu, search for "hummingbird" (Nook HD) and "ovation" (Nook HD+). At the moment both of them have just one official nightly build available, but stable builds should be appearing soon, and both are slated to be updated to CM 10.2 (Android 4.3) when the time comes. As always, you'll need the Gapps flashable ZIP file if you want access to the Google Play Store and the rest of Google's apps, and of course you'll need root and a custom recovery to flash anything at all.

The Nooks aren't exactly top-of-the-line tablets, as they're intended for reading and other media consumption and not much else. Their Texas Instruments processors in particular aren't going to blow anyone away, and a lack of cameras and sensors makes them pretty basic as far as features go. But they do have one thing in their favor: price.

The 7-inch Nook HD is just $129 at retail and the HD+ (with a great 9-inch, 1080p screen) is $149. Both tablets have been significantly discounted from their original MSRPs, and official CyanogenMod support makes them great for cheap, mod-friendly project gadgets. If you're flashing the ROM as you read this, drop a line in the comments section. I'm curious to see how well they perform, the Nook HD+ in particular.

Get.CM - Nook HD

Get.CM - Nook HD+