Update: The discount on the 12-pack of tags has been reduced to 20%, bringing the total price up to $15.98. TagsForDroid spoke with us on the issue, saying that they had reserved a set number of packages at the reduced price, and ran out much faster than they anticipated. They apologized to those customers who couldn't get an order in quick enough to take advantage of the deal.

The NFC functionality included in most newer Android smartphones is pretty neat, but the utility is limited by the NFC-enabled hardware you have on hand. If you've been meaning to try out NFC in more practical applications, like contextual apps for your desk or car, you may want to check out the NFC tags from TagsForDroid. At the moment the 12-pack (10 NFC tags plus two plastic NFC keychains) is $11.98, a savings of $8 and 40% off the $20 list price on Amazon.


A set of tag stickers with contextual Bugdroid doodles are included (or more general icons, if you hate fun), and Amazon Prime subscribers can take advantage of free two-day shipping. The rest of TagsForDroid's stock is also discounted, though not quite so heavily - the cheapest set is five tags and one keychain for $11, making the upgrade an easy choice. A quick browse of Amazon shows the TagsForDroid sets to be the best current bang for your buck.

According to the merchant, this discount will only be available for the next few days. Looking for apps that take advantage of physical NFC tags? Check out Cameron's writeup from last year.

TagsForDroid Amazon Sets:

12-pack (10 tags, two keychains) Android themed stickers - $11.98

12-pack (10 tags, two keychains) generic themed stickers  - $11.98

6-pack (5 tags, one keychain) Bugdroid themed stickers - $10.98