Guardian Cross is different from most most Square Enix mobile games. It's still a role-playing game, but it's centered around trading cards and is available for free. This is striking for a game company that charges some of the highest prices to be found in the Play Store. The game is already available for iOS and has accumulated over a million downloads, so expect both an addicting and relatively accessible experience.

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In Guardian Cross, players will hunt and collect over 120 Guardians (cards) and use them to assemble the strongest party (hand). The game is developed by a staff with diverse experience working on the Final Fantasy series. There's music by Naoshi Mizuta (Final Fantasy XI and XIII-2) and character design by Akira Oguru (Final Fantasy IV: The After Years and Final Fantasy Dimensions). There are even limited edition cards based on Final Fantasy XI and XIV.

Players can enjoy multiplayer co-op with friends or take part in weekly player-versus-player events. It's all the fun of a traditional trading card game tournament, only without the high cost of collecting cards and those pesky travel expenses. Gamers can complete Guardian Cross without spending a dime, but they will have to pay to enjoy some of the premium content.

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