Assuming you are not a shut-in who gets everything delivered via Amazon Prime, we've got a way you can save 20% on that 2013 Nexus 7 purchase. A new OfficeMax coupon allows you to save on a variety of items when you buy in the store, including printer ink, printing services, office supplies, eReaders, and tablets. You need that other stuff? Cool, but why not get the best Android tablet that's ever existed too?


Grab the full coupon from below just to be safe.

You have a few ways to take advantage here. If you already bought the NN7 from OfficeMax, head back and show the coupon and your receipt. The manager might be willing to refund you the difference. The fine print says they don't have to, but maybe you'll get lucky. If you haven't bought yet, just stroll in and pick up the tablet and show the coupon at checkout. The last one is a bit of a longshot, but other stores might be willing to price match OfficeMax. Try your local Best Buy and see if they'll honor the coupon. You can also attempt a combination of 1 and 3 by going to the store (not OfficeMax) you bought the NN7 from and asking for a retroactive price match... unlikely though.

In case you're too tired to math right now, the 20% discount works out to $45.80 off the 16GB for a final price of $183.20. The 32GB ends up $215.20 after a $53.80 discount. All pre-tax. These are real saving, folks. You have through August 10th to take advantage.

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