Double Fine is a maker of quality games like Psychonauts, Brutal Legend, and now Dropchord. The latter title has just been released, and it's going to get your head bobbin' and your fingers dancin'. Really, the finger dancin' is mandatory. You have to keep up with the music as you guide a beam of light through a technicolor gauntlet.

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Dropchord comes with ten full-length electronic music tracks that dictate the pace of the music and the kind of obstacles you'll encounter. The beam of light is guided around the circular interface based on the position of your fingers. It was originally designed for the LeapMotion controller, but it makes just as much sense on a touchscreen. The graphics are simple, but psychedelic. Lots of lighting effects and flashes of color to bombard the eyes.

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This game was briefly available yesterday, but was pulled due to a bug with encryption. It's back now, but not all devices will be able to get it right away. The developers are going to expand availability throughout the day after making sure everything is going well. This is Double Fine's first Android game, so let's cut them a little slack.

Price: $0.99