While the AT&T Galaxy S III received its Android 4.1 update way back in December 2012, it still had yet to get the Samsung "Premium Suite" upgrade with the much-vaunted multi window feature. Starting today, that update is rolling out - a full two months after even infamously-slow Verizon managed with its own S III. Better late than never, I guess.

Here's AT&T's brief changelog:

Software update includes

  • Multi Window: You can open two different apps at the same time into two different windows on the mobile screen.
  • Auto Share Shot with NFC: By setting the camera to "Auto Share Shot" mode, you can quickly share your photos and videos by simply tapping their GALAXY S III with other NFC and S-Beam enabled devices
  • Camera features: Paper artist and best face options.
  • AT&T apps: AT&T services, Drive Mode, AT&T Locker; Family Map, Live TV, and SmartWifi have been loaded.
  • Other enhancements:  Includes calendar, SD Card, and S-Voice enhancements.

It's not a huge update by any means, but it does provide a slight Android version bump, and for the customization crowd, probably a lot of various exploit and other security fixes. Safe to say it's probably not a good idea to go flashing this if you want to keep root access.

The new build is version UCDMG2, while the current build is UCDLK3. You should be able to check for the update and find it starting today (though it may be rolling out in groups), and by August 7th AT&T will begin pushing update notifications to those who have not yet downloaded it.

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