When you buy a new device, that's only the beginning. You also have to buy stuff for it. If you're searching for a case to protect your new Nexus 7, Amazon has a number of good deals. Updated versions of several cases from rooCASE are about to ship, and they'll only cost you a few bucks.

2013-07-31 09_16_56-Amazon.com_ rooCASE Google Nexus 7 FHD 2nd Gen Tablet Dual-View Folio Case Cover

These cases got excellent reviews for the 1st generation N7, so they ought to work well with the updated model too. There are 4 different cases available for the super-low price, plus one that's more expensive (the Executive). The ones on sale are the Dual-Station, Dual-View, Oragami, and Slim-Fit. There are a ton of colors, but only the black one can be ordered for the low price.

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All the cases have built-in stands, like the Poetic Slimline from the other day. But rooCASE also includes a handy stylus/pen combo. Each of the four cheap cases sells for about $1, and costs $3-5 to ship. Not a bad deal. The different styles have ship dates throughout August, but you can order now.

[Amazon – Thanks, Matt]