If you're a DeadZone player, there are now more ways and places to play than ever before: as of today, the game is also available on Facebook and PC. Mac owners, fret not – it's coming soon to your platform as well. This means you can now get your DZ fix regardless of where you are – all games are cross-platform, and you can log in with your existing credentials.


For those who aren't already playing DeadZone, you're missing out on one of the best multiplayer games to hit Android in... well, forever. Staying true to its name, DeadZone delivers familiar ShadowGun gameplay – but this go you're not slaying mutants, but other players. The game offers two different modes of play: Deathmatch, a player-against-player murderdeathkill slay-em-all; and Zone Control, a sort of capture the flag where teams have to take control of various zones. Both modes are quite enjoyable, and translate very well across the various platforms, be it mobile, PC, or Facebook.

To check it out on the desktop, head here for Facebook, or here to grab a PC download. As always, hit the widget to grab the mobile version.

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Developer: MADFINGER Games
Price: To be announced