AutoDesk's newest app on Android aims to take the guesswork out of interior design. Never again will you have to get into an argument with your spouse about whether the couch would look better here, or over there. Just pull out the Homestyler app and instantly prove that you were right by dragging and dropping 3D models of real furniture into your virtual room.

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This app has hundred (if not thousands) of pieces of real furniture that can be added to your room. And it really can be your room. The app comes with stock photos to work with, but you can also snap a picture of your (empty) space and import it into Homestyler. Furniture can be moved, spun, and scaled to fit the room you're designing. The gallery also includes helpful links to help you spend loads of cash on the genuine articles. The color of the walls can be changed to match the decor and light fixtures can be hung.

It might take a few minutes to get used to the multitouch controls, but they can be used to easily maneuver a couch into a space that would require 3-4 of your reluctant friends in real life. The app is very crisp and should run well on most modern devices. Performance on older Tegra chips might not be great, though. Homestyler is probably the best app of its type I've seen so far.