I think photo spheres are pretty awesome, and they just got a big quality overhaul in Android 4.3, to boot. So when Google announces a new way to share this immersive images, that's always a good thing, and today, that's what happened. Views is a new community built into the new Google Maps for desktop web client, and it allows you to upload and view photo spheres inside Maps. You sign in with your Google+ profile, and from there, you can add photo spheres that have been synced to your Google+ Photos, or directly from your Android device by selecting "Maps" from the share dialog in the gallery.


Be aware - Views is a public community. Anything you upload will in theory be visible, the idea is to share photo spheres with the world at large and create a sort of UGC street view community. Those photo spheres will also be linked to your Google+ profile.

This is a pretty cool feature, though, and it's great to see Google working on new ways to share the photo sphere experience. Read more about Views on the official Google Maps Blog.

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