As a Bank of America customer for almost ten years, I can give you a lot of reasons to hate them. But I must admit that the Android app isn't one. While initially a little shaky, the app has gently evolved into something that's perfectly serviceable, and today it gets another substantial update. The biggest addition is the ability to send or receive money through email addresses or phone numbers. Yes, that's exactly how PayPal works, but if you do it via BOFA, you won't have to wait 2-3 business days for another transfer. And look! It's only three months behind the iOS version.

To set up this feature, head to this BOFA website and enter your information. Payments can be made to anyone with a U.S. bank account, and setup and receiving instructions are sent to their phone number or email address. Payments made between mutual Bank of America users, or anyone who's set up to receive BOFA payments already, should be instant.

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The app update also adds the ability to add, edit, or delete Bill Pay accounts without using the BOFA website, the Call Me Now perk for Platinum Privileges members (who get to talk to real people!) and the usual bugfixes. The app is free to use for any Bank of America customer.

What’s New in This Version
  • * Make payments to your credit card using your checking accounts at other banks (note: external account must already be set up in Online Banking)
  • * Add/edit/delete your Bill Pay accounts
  • * Add your own email/mobile number to receive money from others
  • * Send money to people and small businesses via their email addresses or mobile phone numbers
  • * Call Me Now feature now available for Platinum Privileges clients
  • * Minor enhancements, fixes

P.S. I see a lot of people complaining about the app crashing when scanning checks for mobile deposit. Try this, it works for me: don't use the tap-to-autofocus feature to focus your photo beforehand, just press the shutter button and let it focus automatically.