Want to know how you're expected to connect your phones, tablets, and computers to that fancy Chromecast that's shipping in the mail? Simple, there's an app for that. Google has dropped dedicated software in the Play Store that configures all that Chromecast devices in your house, because I know there are a good number of you that have already ordered more than one.

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The app will set up your Chromecast to work on your local network and give you an interface for managing its settings, such as changing the device's name or inputting a new WiFI password. It's all pretty straightforward, and this shouldn't be an app that gets fired up often. Presumably people can launch it when they first buy a Chromecast and proceed to ignore the app long enough to forget what that quirky app in their app drawer even is. And since an Android device isn't required to use Chromecast, there will still be other ways to get your device up and running.

It should go without saying that people need a Chromecast before this app does anything useful, but they don't need one to download it. Grab it below if you just can't bear to wait.

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