Google Play Games has done wonders to tie game scores and achievements to our Google+ profiles and show us who's kicking the most butt in any particular title. Yet information has thus far been scattered across individual apps and Google+, limiting the value of the experience. Today Google is rolling out a standalone app consolidating all of this content in one place.



The new app can display achievements unlocked in individual games, those that a player has yet to unlock, and leaderboards for every different map within a specific game. You can launch games directly from within the app or hop over to the Play Store to buy more. Users can also view people in their networks and see what their favorite games are. Google Play Games was already a social experience - now it's just less private about it.

The dedicated app just presents the information, while the content will still be handled in the background by Google Play Services. Users can get their hands on the app when it hits Google Play later today or experience it preinstalled on the new Nexus 7.

Update: The app is now available. If it's not yet in your country, here's the APK.

Google Play Games
Google Play Games
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free