So you have that beautiful quad-core processor, but aside from games, what do you really use it for? Rockchip's newly unveiled upgrade to its Android multi-window system enables the windowed use of apps on Android tablets. Users can theoretically browse the web, stream a YouTube video, toggle system settings, and chat with friends without the hassle of hopping back and forth between full-screen applications. While we've seen windowed Android apps before, most notably on Samsung devices, only a few apps were supported, limiting the functionality's usefulness.

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Rockchip's offering supports resizing windows via two-finger and three-finger gestures. Users can drag windows and position them manually, or watch as they snap automatically to fill half or a fourth of the screen. The software is built on top of Android 4.2.2 and adds in a host of other features unrelated to window management. Rockchip has added support for custom quick-start programs and the ability to snap a screenshot using gestures. Most of the new tricks star in the video below.

It's not clear whether this upgrade will only work on tablets powered by Rockchip processors, but either way, don't go expecting to snatch this from the Play Store right away. Keep your eyes peeled to see if it comes integrated as part of a new device instead.

SHENZHEN, China, July 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- China Rockchip Electronics Co., Ltd released an upgrade of its Android 4.2.2 tablet system -- Android Multi-Windows -- on a global scale recently. It is said that the upgrade enabled a windowed Android system and was of revolutionary significance. The new upgrade involved five revolutionary promotions.


1. Supports multiple tasks and multiple windows simultaneously with operations in the foreground

The upgraded Android Windows released by Rockship Electronics is capable of conducting multiple tasks and opening multiple windows on the screen simultaneously, which is of tremendous revolutionary value. For example, it's possible to browse the web and run programs in the foreground while playing movies.

Currently, IOS-, Android- and Windows-operated phones fail to support multiple windows on-one-screen operation and management. If they supported multi-tasking and multi-window operation simultaneously in the foreground, then users could conduct multi-region operations on the desktop.

2. Omni-bearing multi-window, multi-touch gestures

Users can scale a window's size at will through two-finger or three-finger full-touch scrolling experience in the brand-new Google Windows. Similar to desktop Windows, Android supports multi-task and multi-windows operation.

The upgraded Android Windows supports multi-gestures operation, too. For example, when operating with two fingers, users can enter the window operation mode by putting one finger inside the application window and the other outside it to move more than fifty pixels. If three fingers are all put inside the application window, then a fifty-pixel movement will enable users to enter the window model.

3. Achieve multi-task and multi-window switching with one key

The new Android Windows is developed based on Android 4.2.2 and adds multiple switchover methods for switching multi-windows mode; the soft key "multi-tasks system key" is newly added; users can conduct 1/4 screen stack, tiling, scaling, arbitrary translation and other operations on the program window.

4. "Split-screen menu bar" added

In spite of the fact that Android 4.2.2 has considerably enriched the pulldown shortcut menu, the brand-new Android Windows brings a more immediate change---it supports custom quick-start programs and achieves split-screen with one key. Both arrangement and scaling can be conducted.

5. The function of gestures smart screenshot

This function allows users to snap screenshots of any area on the screen according to gestures and put them onto a clipboard. (Third-party applications can use these screenshots according to provided API.) Any creative work or bulletins can be accomplished efficiently with the assistance of it.

The upgraded Android Multi-Windows developed by China Rockchip Electronics Co., Ltd

on the basis of Android 4.2.2 achieves multi-tasking and simultaneous multiple window operation in the foreground for the first time in Android's history. Meanwhile, it adds gesture operation, a multi-task system, split-screen menu and the function of gestures smart screenshot. The brand-new Android Windows absorbs experience characteristics of mobile internet hardware products and the abundant experience and essence of desktop Windows, and thus promotes user experience and the usability of portable devices such as Android-powered tablets.

SOURCE China Rockchip Electronics Co., Ltd.