Since the dawn of time, owners of Tegra devices have wanted a way to natively capture video of what's happening on their screen. Unfortunately, none of the existing apps (including Screencast) were able to accomplish this goal – until now.

Say hello to the [somewhat] recently-released SCR Screen Recorder, an app that not only promises to capture screencasts of Tegra devices, but delivers on that promise beautifully. To put the app to the test, I not only gave it a run on my Nexus 7, but broke the Galaxy Tab 10.1 out of the vault to ensure Tegra 2 compatibility. To my surprise, it worked perfectly on both devices.

Like all other screencasting tools, SCR requires root access.

Despite working wonderfully on both of the devices I tried it on, SCR is currently listed as "beta," with the Play Store listing noting that it may not work on all devices and/or ROMs. The developer adds that you can report any issues you may have so he can work on adding support for your particular device.

There are both free and pro versions of the app, with the former limiting video recording to a maximum of three minutes and applying the SCR watermark to the recorded video. Naturally, the full version of the application removes all limitations, but it will set you back $6.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Thanks, Jared Morgan!