Google announced in May that they were going to remove Argentina from the list of regions supporting paid apps in the Google Play Store, but they then issued a temporary reversal in June. Now Google has come up with a permanent solution for those who rely on app sales as a source of revenue. Argentinian developers can continue to offer paid apps on Google Play by receiving wire transfer payments through Google Wallet. Typically developers receive money via Google AdSense, and those in other countries will continue to do so.


For anyone affected by this change, Google has provided these simple steps to ensure that your payments are not interrupted:

  • Login to your Google Wallet Merchant Center
  • Click the Settings tab
  • Then click Financials
  • Enter your bank account information
  • Developers need to follow these instructions even if you have already provided this information in your linked AdSense accounts. Anyone currently eligible for payout will receive the money at the next regularly scheduled time. It will be the last you receive in this manner, and transitioning to Google Wallet will be necessary for future payouts.

    Source: Google