Here at Android Police, we love us some Reddit apps, almost as much as we love the gaming cat meme cakes our Libertarian Atheist girlfriends make us from locally-farmed flour. We featured Reddit Now way back in January, and since then the developer has made some noteworthy changes as the app has updated to version 2.0. The app has been slavishly dedicated to Holo standards since its launch, but the new version includes a Google Now-style card interface, not to mention a reworked look on tablets.

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The card interface works great, especially as it scales - smartphones will generally get one column of news while tablets get two or more. However, some of the more recent reviews say it looks cramped. Other notable additions: integration with Reddit's mail/messaging service, and improved handling of both entry comments and images. Subreddits now appear in a nifty pull-down menu - grab the "hamburger" slider for a quick list of popular pages, which can be customized with user settings. The somewhat heavy app has also been given a general tune-up, speeding things up in general according to the developer. Also, version 2.0 is the first that's officially out of the beta stage.

Reddit Now is a free download for most Android devices. The Play Store entry doesn't say exactly which versions are supported, but based on some of the devices we've got lying around, it appears to be compatible with Ice Cream Sandwich and later releases.


Out of Beta! Version 2 of Reddit Now has been greatly improved.

  • - Completely new "card based" interface
  • - New tablet interface
  • - Messaging (send mail and receive inbox notifications)
  • - Subreddits now appear in a slide down drawer
  • - Improved comment view
  • - Faster image handling
  • - Speed improvements throughout the app

Now for Reddit
Now for Reddit
Developer: Phyora
Price: Free+