Streaming music provider Rdio might be playing second fiddle to Spotify, but it's still a viable option. Rdio even runs its own video content store called Vdio. With a handy little coupon code, you can get a taste of both services, or add some freebies you your existing account.


To get your free stuff, just head over to the Rdio redeem page, and enter the code P4KFEST2013. This should give you 3 free months of Rdio Unlimited ($9.99 per month) and $25 to spend on Vdio instantly. Rdio Unlimited is the tier that allows listening on a mobile device, which includes Android devices with the Rdio app. Web tunes are also included. Vdio pricing is about in-line with other services. A season of TV usually runs you $25-35, or $3 per episode.


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The only catch – the $25 promotional Vdio credits are not valid for some purchases (probably very popular content). Additionally, they will expire on August 18th.

Update: Well, it looks like Rdio ended to promotion a little bit ago. We haven't come across any other codes yet, but we'll keep an eye out.

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