Everyone held out hope that when carriers started offering shared data allowances, it would actually be a good deal. Oh, how naïve we were. The plans on AT&T proved to be a little pricey, especially for those who only needed a little data. Well, Ma Bell is trying to make it right with some more low-end plans at 300MB and 2GB.


These new plans slot in on either side of the 1GB plan, which used to be the low end. The 300MB plan costs $20 per month plus $50 per phone on the account. The 2GB is $50 with each phone adding $45 to the bill. Still expensive? Yes, but that's AT&T. At least it's a better deal for those who need fewer bytes. All the plans still include unlimited talk and text.

Both plans are listed on AT&T's site, but you'll have to wait for July 26th to sign up.

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