Love 'em or hate 'em, you've got to admit that Samsung has made a habit out of offering its flagship devices in as many hues as they possibly can. Leakster extraordinaire EVleaks posted a press shot of a new Galaxy S4 last night, sporting an Autumn Brown color and Verizon branding. There's no indication of when it will show up on store shelves.

brown s4

The leak says the phone is brown, but that's only half true: the back of the phone looks like the same diamond-pattern black as the older Galaxy S4, while the "brushed" pattern on the front bezel and home button gets a chocolate-colored makeover. Assuming that this version is coming at all, it will be the third color of the Galaxy S4 available on Verizon, and the second Galaxy smartphone in a row to get the "brown" treatment. This brown-on black coloring seems to be a favorite of Samsung's lately - see the new Galaxy Tabs and the Galaxy Note 8.0 for similar options.

Compared to their rivals at AT&T, Verizon seems to be getting the short end of the chromatic stick. Ma Bell has black, white, and red Galaxy S4 models available (seriously, Verizon, how did you miss that?) not to mention the fetching Galaxy S4 Active in teal and grey. Big Red is looking decidedly unfabulous.

Source: @evleaks