A mysterious video that starts with "Nothing can be perfect, things can be better" was just posted by the CyanogenMod team on YouTube. The 31-second animation teases... something.

What could it be? A CyanogenMod phone? Upcoming Android 4.3 support (I really doubt this is what the video is about)? Something else completely mind-blowing or ultimately disappointingly overhyped? One of the frames shows the word "FREE" on a lockscreen - that can't be a coincidence. Or can it (Free is a French carrier)?

Something wicked this way comes.

Nothing can be perfect. Things can be better.

The right [person, pixel, look, path, spark, feeling, formula, tap, person (person again?), action, reaction, smile, word, music] at the right time.

The right memories.

A new challenger appears.

A new Nemesis appears.

Perhaps it's a new super-smart launcher? Hrm. Take your best guesses below.


Source: +CyanogenMod