Kerosene Games hasn't yet published many games for Android, but their titles definitely grab our attention. Their last title, Bladeslinger, was an action-RPG with highly-attractive visuals that were only somewhat held back by repetitive gameplay and in-app purchases. Their next title, Bounty Arms, is available now, and it looks perhaps even more impressive. This 3D side-scroller puts you in control of three characters across 10 beautiful levels that may just have you do a double-take. Bounty Arms is one of several titles NVIDIA used to show off Tegra 3 a year ago, so its appearance really is its primary selling point.

BountyArms3 BountyArms2


I'll give you a few more moments to take those graphics in. Not impressed? Picture it in motion. Better yet, watch the trailer.

Bounty Arms promises fluid touch-friendly controls, global leaderboards, and secret unlockables to discover. There are a variety of different hero and pet combinations to choose from as you travel across galaxies seeking bounties in what looks like a gorgeous quest. The game costs $4.99, and unsurprisingly, it's a pretty hefty download. You might need to free up some space before diving in.

Bounty Arms
Bounty Arms
Developer: Kerosene Games
Price: $4.99+