It's pretty much a foregone conclusion that a new Nexus 7 is just around the corner, but a few more plausible details are leaking out. According to some info passed to Engadget, the updated 7-inch slate will come with Android 4.3, wireless charging, and SlimPort video out. It also confirms the dual cameras from the last leak.


We don't know what version of wireless charging will be featured, assuming this is legit. Qi is the most likely option as that is what the Nexus 4 supports. SlimPort is also the standard the Nexus 4 uses for video out, so at least the leak is consistent. Launching with Android 4.3 is no surprise, though.

A second tipster also claims the device will go on sale in Staples stores on July 31st. Google is said to be gearing up to sell the devices through the Play Store earlier than that.