Reddit is Fun is the workhorse of Android Reddit clients. It's minimalist and snappy – no time for fancy animations and effects, there is Redditing to be done. The app has a ton of features, and it just got some more with a big update to version 3.0.

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The custom themes are going to be supported through a new site, Designers will be able to create themes and sell them inside Reddit is Fun. Yes, there will be in-app purchases for some themes. This is a beta feature, so it isn't clear how exactly it's going to work yet. Trying to buy credits currently causes a crash.

This is a significant update that includes includes performance boosts for Android 4.0 and higher. The app was already fairly fast, but you'll get no complaints from me about making it even faster. NFC sharing is also neat if you want to quickly get posts up on a different device without going to the browser. Here's everything included in 3.0:

  • Custom user themes from (BETA)(PRO)
  • New setting: Link flair
  • New setting: Filter posts based on titles and link flair
  • NFC sharing support
  • Major speed improvements throughout app for Android 4.0+
  • Improved login reliability
  • Improved battery in dual pane mode
  • Fixed HTML5 video
  • Moved subreddits into left drawer

The free version of Reddit is Fun has most of the features, but the $1.99 Golden Platinum edition adds a few cool extras.

rif is fun for Reddit
rif is fun for Reddit
Developer: TalkLittle
Price: Free