The Google Analytics app for Android doesn't get a lot of love, despite the fact that the service itself is incredibly popular. Yesterday version 2.0 began rolling out, and it's improved in just about every way. It's another staged rollout - you might not be able to see the new version on the Play Store just yet - but a goodie bag of new and improved features should make nearly all users happy once they get it.

Screenshot_2013-07-17-18-44-55 unnamed

New on the left, old on the right.

First of all, the interface has been completely redone. Analytics now has the same card style, vaguely Now-like UI of all the recently-updated Google apps, complete with the side menu. Most of the sections for your listed sites can be drilled into much further and viewed in a selectable date range, bringing the app closer to the web service in terms of functionality.

Screenshot_2013-07-17-18-43-40 Screenshot_2013-07-17-18-44-28 Screenshot_2013-07-17-18-46-18 Screenshot_2013-07-17-18-45-17

Best of all, the app loads your latest site by default - no need to select between your tracked sites every time you open the app. That should be especially helpful for people who track just one site, or one site the majority of the time.

 Screenshot_2013-07-17-19-49-08 Screenshot_2013-07-17-19-50-17 Screenshot_2013-07-17-19-50-27

The interface still isn't all that great on tablets (though the nature of the card UI makes it a bit better) and the real-time visitor count is a bit harder to see. Still, it's a huge improvement overall. Once again, this is a staged rollout, so don't be surprised if the new version won't download for you (the last one was 1.1.7). Most users should be updated within the next few days.

Update 12:18pm PT: It looks like something broke on Google's end, and now all boxes are showing Temporarily unavailable. If you still want the APK v2.0.1 in case it starts working again, you can grab it here.

Update 6:30pm PT: The issue doesn't seem to happen to everyone, so flash away and check it out, but be prepared to roll back. Always make backups!


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