Joss Whedon fans, you might want to go grab some duct tape. Got it? Now roll about eight feet of it around your head, just in case it explodes with shiny rainbows at this next bit of news: there's an official Firefly game coming to Android. Not a fan project. Not some promotional minigame. A real title based on the cult classic sci-fi TV show and movie. That sound you're hearing now is a million Browncoats shouting with unrestrained glee.

Firefly Online was announced at Comic-Con San Diego, with a vague "2014" release date. It will be a joint venture from QMx (the guys that make all those cool spaceship toys and Star Trek combadges) and developer Spark Plug Games. The trailer above isn't much to go on - it's basically some extremely simple 3D models and a bit of soundtrack from the Serenity movie. But the About section of the Keep Flying website (currently hammered by excited traffic) describes the game as a social RPG, currently in development for Android and iOS. You'll play as a captain whose pants may or may not be tight, recruit a crew, create and maintain a ship, and go on (ahem) "jobs." The gameplay itself may or may not be in a consistent MMO-style world - there's too little information at this point to decide - but your character and account will sync across devices.

Dedicated gamers may remember a push for a Serenity MMO way back in 2006. That kind of fizzled into nonexistence, and nothing substantial ever became of it. While we haven't seen anything so solid as gameplay or even unique elements for Firefly Online, an 18-month maximum timeframe is encouraging. We'll see if the game is worth playing when it comes out. Until then, you can ask Buddha for a pony, a plastic rocket, and a Firefly game that doesn't suck, and keep an eye on the official website.