With Google's chitchat breakfast event with Sundar Pichai coming up next week, speculation has been rampant that a new Nexus 7 could be imminent. Just like clockwork, the leaks are beginning to flow. A new video purports to show the second edition of Google's 7-inch slate, and it's accompanied by some snapshots.

The device certainly looks legit with the sideways Nexus branding on the back, matching a previous leak. An Asus logo is also clearly visible at the bottom. The device again has a 7-inch LCD, but the resolution isn't apparent in any of the pictures. There will be two cameras this time – a 1.2MP front cam, and a 5MP rear sensor. The limited specs indicate a Qualcomm APQ8064, which is Snapdragon S4. That was one of the two options presented by one of those previous leaks.


nexus-7-2-1 buttons

The overall design looks almost identical to the first N7, but there are two speakers on the back instead of one. We're expecting 2GB of RAM, and 16/32GB storage options. The rest of the specs are unknown. Start saving your pennies, everyone. Google will be asking for your money very soon.


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