Community developer LlabTooFeR has reason to believe that Android 4.2 will, in fact, be coming to HTC's One S. A series of tweets late last night between Llab and a few followers indicate that the One S "Ville" model (the version using a Snapdragon S4 processor) will receive Android 4.2 one way or another.

The tweet directly contradicts an official statement from HTC two weeks ago that all One S handsets would be left on Android 4.1 with Sense 4+. Llab says he has no info about an update for the "VilleC2" model using a Snapdragon S3 processor, which was sold in several Eastern European and Asian countries.


I would definitely bet against an update for the S3 (VilleC2) version, whose chipset is comparatively ancient and considerably less powerful. So, has HTC flip-flopped yet again, after stating Android 4.2 would come to the One S, then that it wouldn't, and now apparently will again?

We reached out to HTC, who declined to comment on the situation.