It's a good time to be in the market for a powerful, deep red phone. The HTC One can be found sporting a glamorous exterior, and it apparently isn't alone. Leaked photos of the DROID Ultra have surfaced, showing Motorola's upcoming device available in a color very appropriate for a phone exclusive to the Big Red. This is no lazy paint job, as the phone's entire Kevlar backside has changed colors.


This shouldn't be a surprise given Motorola's long history of offering phones in various colors. The original line of RAZR flip phones could be found in whatever shade your heart desired back when it took the world my storm soon after the turn of the new millennium, and the upcoming Moto X sports customizable back plates as one of its key features. If red doesn't do anything for you, the DROID Ultra, MAXX, and Mini will all be available in a more muted black or white when they hit store shelves. Whether the other two will also adopt this third color remains to be seen. Wait for Verizon to unveil more specific information at its upcoming press event on July 23rd, and expect to be able to pick up the phones soon after.

Via: TheUnlockr