If you're reading this from Australia or New Zealand, get excited – Google's Play Music All Access service is now live in both countries, granting both (pardon the term) access to the burgeoning music streaming service.


Confirming All Access' expansion, Google posted to its official Australia blog and Google+.

Like in the states, Google is offering a special deal for early adopters – Australians who sign up by August 31 will pay just AU$9.99 per month (after a thirty-day trial period), and early bird New Zealanders will pay NZ$10.99 per month following the free thirty-day trial. Those who sign up after the end of August will pay AU$11.99 and NZ12.99 respectively.

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Google also reminds potential customers that they can upload up to 20,000 songs from their current collection, though the service's real claim to fame is the ability to stream, ad-free, unlimited amounts of music (or as much as your data connection can handle).

Want to start streaming right away? Just hit the appropriate link below.

Google Play Music All Access: Australia, New Zealand

Source: Official Google Australia Blog, Google+