Google sometimes likes to throw fun little changes into beta builds of Chrome, with the most experimental of features being tucked away safely in the chrome://flags/ menu. Today's build – which just started rolling out a little while ago – brings one such feature to the table: the ability to access menu functions in one motion. It's called draggable menu, and it's easy to enable and even easier to use.

Note: This only works on devices with virtual menu buttons. If you have a physical menu button (for example, if you're using one of the popular Samsung Galaxy phones), you won't be able to utilize this trick as Chrome hides the on-screen menu button.

In order to give this feature a try for yourself, you must be running the latest beta. Past that, just type chrome://flags into the address bar, scroll about halfway down the page, and toggle the "Enable draggable menu button" option. You'll need to restart Chrome before the feature will be available, but past that, you should be able to swipe the menu button just like in the video above.


Thanks, Jamie Morris!