T-Mobile has made quite a splash with two new policies unveiled at last week's "Boldest Moves Yet" event. The JUMP! plan combines a trade-in program and insurance policy that lets you upgrade your phone every six months for a $10 monthly fee, and the Simple Choice Family Plans have some great values for families looking to save some cash on multiple lines. Both are live as of yesterday - you can start shopping on T-Mobile's website, or walk into your friendly neighborhood retail store.


The JUMP! plans in particular are interesting for our readership: pay $10 a month, and you can trade up to any new phone after six months, which you then begin paying off on T-Mobile's new "Uncarrier" model... which still doesn't include a contract. It's a pretty good deal for certain users, as explored by David Ruddock in his look at the math behind it all. So long as you've just got to have the latest hardware and don't mind being on what is essentially a permanent phone lease, there's quite a bit of savings to be had. The drool-worthy Sony Xperia Z is slated to hit T-Mobile in just two days, by the way.

The new family plans are pretty good as well: two phones with unlimited minutes and texts, plus 500 non-capped megabytes of data per line, for $80 a month (not including the hardware). Plans scale up to five lines for another $10 each, so the typical four lines is just $100 a month. For those who want a little more breathing room with their mobile data, higher tiers are also available. (Edit: Aparently this has been the standard pricing for some time, but now it's not necessary to sign a contract. Which was also the case if you bought phones outright. Hat tip to commenter Jeffrey Beck.) All the new plans should be available on T-Mobile's website now.

Source: T-Mobile JUMP!, T-Mobile Family Plans