We've all been there – your parent, friend, or significant other is having a phone issue, but you're not nearby. The process of talking someone through troubleshooting via IM or voice is frustrating at best. Well, at long last TeamViewer QuickSupport has come to all Android devices. It was previously only available on select Samsung phones. With this app installed, you can access a phone or tablet remotely from a desktop computer running Windows, Linux, or OS X. And it's free.

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All you need is the TeamViewer desktop client, which also works with other PCs, by the way. To initiate a support session, get the ID and passcode generated by the app on the target phone. The connection goes through, and bingo – you can view the remote device live. Now you can actually see what your friend is seeing, thus making troubleshooting much easier. If the Android device is rooted, you can also take control of it and enter inputs remotely. This feature was supported natively on Samsung devices, but it looks like root is needed on others.

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The desktop client also pulls a ton of useful information from the device like battery level, storage space, and hardware specs. It even lists installed apps and running processes. There is chat built into the app so you can communicate with the person using the phone from this one program. This is currently the best way to handle remote support on Android, so take a look.

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TeamViewer QuickSupport
TeamViewer QuickSupport
Developer: TeamViewer
Price: Free