It's pretty common for Android apps to playfully emulate hot new features from the iOS platform, but rarely have the done so as completely as Control Panel. This app apes the iOS 7 Control Panel feature, a swipe up settings toggle and shortcut screen. It even lacks substantial configuration options, thus completing the iOS illusion.

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You access Control Center with a swipe up gesture, but it's actually just an invisible button at the bottom of the screen – that has the potential to be a bit awkward. The panel has toggles for WiFi, Bluetooth, rotation lock, Airplane Mode, cell data, and various other settings and shortcuts.

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Control Center even has the same frosted glass look dominant in iOS 7. The swipe up gesture might prove troublesome on devices with on-screen buttons, but you can scoot the active area around a bit. This app is free, so it's worth a look if only for a laugh.

The app was not found in the store. :-(