A little more than a week ago, a major Skype update hit the Play Store with an all-new, Holo-fied look and overall sleeker appearance. But, that update also brought some annoyances, as well as its fair share of bugs. Today, Skype has released another update that should fix at least some of those issues.

Of the quirks that came along with the Skype 4.0, the difficult process to sign out was among the most frustrating. Instead of having the option to sign out in an easy-to-find location, it was buried several menus deep. Understandably, most users didn't like this and (naturally) complained about it. That issue has now been corrected with the most recent update, as the option so sign out can now be found in the menu of the recent, favorites, people, and profile screens. See? A little complaining does go a long way!

Aside from that, a handful of other bugs have been quashed, making this a fairly significant post-update update:

  • We addressed a bug that was not allowing users to go online or make/receive calls if their status was last set to offline in version 3.2 before upgrading to version 4.0.
  • Enabled video for devices that could previously make video calls in version 3.2.
  • Improved dialog translations for Russian, Brazilian Portuguese and Traditional Chinese.

The update isn't live just yet, but it should be hitting the Play Store sometime today.

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