If you're nice and cozy at home, you have to ask yourself how much value you place on not leaving the house to go to the store. If you said $5 or more, eBay would like a word. The auction site's eBay Now app has just launched on Android so you can have someone else do the legwork. Just find the product you want in a local store, and tell the app you want it. Pay for the item (plus a $5 delivery fee) and it shows up in an hour. It's the ultimate in modern laziness technology.

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The eBay Now service can bring you products from Best Buy, Home Depot, Target, Macy's, and more. The item can also be delivered wherever you want – home, work, or some other place you happen to be. eBay claims to have several thousand items ready for immediate delivery. The app not only lets you place orders, but tracks the progress of the valet as the item is picked up and transported to you.

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Sadly, you won't be able to join the lazy shopping revolution unless you live in San Francisco, San Jose, or parts of New York City. Other markets are supposed to be coming soon, but for now most of us will still have to get up off our butts.

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