Long-time Twitter users have their fair share of daily annoyances with the company's mobile application, but an update just hit the Play Store that should improve on some of those – namely DM synchronization and better search results.

According to the official Twitter blog, when you read a DM post-update, it will be marked as read across the web and other applications (like Tweetdeck, for example). This is fantastic news for all the Twitter users who are tired of getting the "XX unread DMs" notification after installing a new Twitter client.


Aside from DM sync, the updated app will also provide a richer search experience. User avatars will now display within search results, and you can also expand results to show full user bios. Past that, a quick swipe to the left will display other, similar users that you may also want to follow.

The update is rolling out through the Play Store now.

Developer: Twitter, Inc.
Price: Free+